i dunno if this still exists but it made me feel better

a simple thank you..

to start this off… i’m going to be blunt and honest. i have no idea what is going on. i haven’t talked to any of the guys specifically on the matter. so for those of you who are reading this blog in hopes of an answer, or in hopes of getting more information..i am sorry to say that i am going to disappoint you.

i’m writing this blog to say that i support them no matter what. i realize people are going to tweet me and post “you are a brown noser” or “stop kissing so much ass”…but to be honest..i don’t care. (no pun intended) fall out boy is one of the few bands who have a had a significant impact on my life and as an artist. here is a picture of me and pete from five or so years ago. my brace face and all. the first time i ever crowd surfed was to “tell mick…” and i swear to god pete pointed at me as a floated across the crowd pointing back at him, screaming the words that he poured his heart, soul, and un-trimmed chest into writing. first time i got kicked out of a concert? fall out boy. i was singing along to “saturday” and accidentally punched a security guard in the jaw while throwing my fist up to a break in the bridge. fall out boy were a group of guys..just like us. some considered them underdogs..yet they took the world by storm. patrick has taught me that singers in this genre don’t just have to play three power chords and hit simple cheap notes when they sing. we can be soulful.. we can actually sing with a little bit of emotion. patrick has taught me so much about being myself as a singer, artist, and as a person..and that as long as i am honest with myself..people will follow.

i was just like a lot of you guys. i’d ditch school, camp out at the venue the morning of the shows, and stand outside in the cold waiting for the guys to come outside so i could nervously shake their hand and tell them that their music had changed my life. i knew that they probably got it three hundred times a day..but i didn’t mind. they always made me feel like it meant something to them. and to this day…i believe it did.

i have fall out boy to thank for almost everything i have. pete listening to me sing at a gym class heroes video shoot senior week during my finals. he was dressed up as elvis, but still found time to give a nerdy little vegas kids with braces a shot at playing a song or two on guitar. they invited me to come out on tour with them for a few days…where me and patrick ended up forming our song “bounce” and talking about hell boy comics. pete has also taught me not to take naked photos of myself…haha just kidding ;) i can still remember waking up at pete’s house to hemmingway attacking my face as if it was normandy, and pete laughing like an 8 year old as he filmed it on his old school video camera.

i apologize for getting so nostalgic on you…but i want you to know that i am right there with you guys. it has hit me hard like i’m sure it has all of you. here is what you have to think about though…

fall out boy will never be completely over.

i have enough memories to last me three lifetimes. they’ve put enough wind in my sails to push me around the world a dozen or so times. they won’t be forgotten. how many bands that you listen to were started because of fall out boy? or at least we’re inspired by their songs and sounds. fall out boy wasn’t just a band. it was a movement. it was the light between the clouds that showed that us kids can become something great. it was the fact the we can all change the world in our own ways. even if we all feel like underdogs sometimes. how can we be mad or upset with them when they have given us so much? i have heard some of patrick’s new stuff…and it is absolutely amazing. pete seems to be getting into something everyday that’s groundbreaking, new, and exciting. none of our boys are going anywhere. we need to be proud of them. i’m going to support them like they supported me. when i was lonely in my bedroom..i could put on my fall out boy cd and escape for a few minutes. have you guys seen how big little bronx is getting? isn’t he a beautiful little boy? how amazing is that for pete? they’re growing up just like we are…and they deserve a round of applause. a standing ovation. who knows what they’ll do in the future..but we all know what they have done in the past. no one can take fall out boy away from us…

not even them personally.

-alexander deleon

a class act.

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