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Hi everybody!

Holy smokes, this has been an amazing week for us. In the past three shows we’ve done (our first in three years), we’ve been utterly humbled to see so many familiar faces.

The thing we’re not as happy to see is that, along with the most amazing audience in the world, there was also the inevitable return of folks looking to exploit and cheat that audience.

So here’s a few bullet points:
1) We don’t see (and wouldn’t want) any extra money from the unreasonable ticket prices scalpers are asking.
2) Neither do (to the best of our knowledge) the promoters we choose to work with.
3) Most importantly: We don’t want our audience to get cheated out of reasonably priced shows.
4) Combating this stuff is tough and we (along with our promoters) employed everything in our arsenal. We set 2 and 4 ticket limits in some places. In others we’ve required will call.
5) Outside of the official vendors linked on our sites, there are plenty of folks out there selling 100% fake tickets so please please be very careful.

We’d rather play to 10 excited people than 30,000 who are disappointed at having to pay 2 months rent to be there. We’re not saying this to fix PR or because we want to protect the “Integrity,” of our “Brand name,” but because we’re fans of music ourselves and we remember getting screwed by scalpers too.

To anybody who managed to get legitimate tickets to our shows, we’re so excited to see you. To the rest of you; We plan on being a band for a long time. Hopefully this isn’t your only chance to see us and hopefully by the time you do, there’s some better way to fight back against scalping.

Much love,
-fall out boy

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