top fives of 2008

so its that time of year where there are going to be all kinds of “best movies” and “best records” of 2008. i think they can sometimes be exciting, sometimes they end up being pretty monotonous. so i decided to hit up a couple people i thought were just interesting peeps and ask them to list 5 things/moments/people/music/movies/books/art that stood out to them in 2008. this is what followed. ill probably add more as we go. also feel free to comment with your own lists. i read that shit and might throw some up (not like vomit, like throw them on the internet)… ps because peeps are asking- i havent put up my top five list yet but my sister in laws new record would definitely be on it because im proud of her as would hey monday. i didnt edit anyones list in anyway whatsoever….

charles adams we the people - beardcore - good cook, good taste
ok deal. things i like right now:
Green Curry. The West Wing. Donkey Kong Rapidshare.Com Pliny The Elder (the beer + the person) Halos Yelp.Com Ricky Montelongo Dave Gormans Googlewhack Adventure Joe Haynie

jason tate owner and editor - early on just about every pop punk band that has broken since nfg - loyal dude
Here’s my top 5 events/things of 2008 list! 05) Rock On: An Office Ballad by Dan Kennedy (Book) 04) Astronautalis - Pomegrante (Album) 03) The Gaslight Anthem - The ‘59 Sound (Album) 02) The Dark Knight (Movie) 01) Barack Obama (The Man)

travis mccoy gym class heroes - artist - the godfather
5. Beats by Dr.Dre headphones 4. 3. Without you I’m jus me artshow 2. My girl hosting the ema’s 1. The birth of my god son, Bronx.

dan suh korean tom cruise - dj - can roll a j with one hand whilst on aim - roomate slumdog millionaire - best movie of the year lil’ wayne “the carter 3” - a record that actually lives up to the monumental hype the wentz-simpson pool house - best living quarters i’ve experienced since the downstairs guest room momofuku ko - chef david chang’s masterpiece restaurant delivers my most memorable dining experience of the year. (good luck trying to get a reservation) obama elected president - for being a guy not too embroiled in politics i really got swept away in november. thank god (or allah or whoever) that the palin nightmare is over

ashley nichols supra footwear - kr3w - say what you want but this is the dude who brought cold play to hiphop - old school head, if you dont know him, you should
1)Radiohead—tour of the year 2)Lil Wayne—artist of the year 3)Let the Right One In—movie of the year 4)Target—store of the year 5)Supra—shoe of the year

pharrell williams n.e.r.d. - neptunes - bbc - icecream - tastemaker - kindred spirit - can you name something this man doesnt do? damn, he designs furniture
Hot shit list
10.Soldier ft.lil Wayne 9.Tom Ford (aviators) 8.Lavin (everything!) 7.Junye Watanabe 6.Fall Out Boy 5.Clarks (shoes) 4.MGMT 3. Cherry Pop Tarts 2.Takeshi Murakami 1.Jeff Koons

cassadee pope hey monday - spritzer - oh wait, theres someone in a band whos not jaded on music and other bands? - biff - my kid sister so dont mess with her
1) kicking off the new year with you and ash! 2) me and my boys finding out we were getting signed 3) putting up the Christmas tree in Pennsylvania with my family, at the house I spent every summer in since I was born. 4) releasing our album on October 7th 5) finding out we were going to tour with fall out boy!

kaws artist - original fake - designer - genuine - dont sleep on this dude, like you ever could
I decided to do my top five art books of 2008…
1. Erik Parker, PERSONAE, published by Honor Fraser Inc. 2. Todd James, Blood & Treasure, published by Lazarides Gallery London 3. Wonderwall, Masamichi Katayama Projects N.2, published by FRAME 4. Keiichi Tanaami, Colorful, published by Nanzuka Underground 5. A Bathing Ape, published by Rizzoli

mike shea editor alternative press magazine- podcast - witty - politicomaniac
1) THE AMERICAN RESTING PLACE By Marilyn Yalom Fully-encompasses everything from Indian burial mounds to forgotten Southern plantation family lots. A historical crash-course in the American way of burying our dead. Lots of cool pics too. Perfect for the goths and shoe-gazing. 2) THE SUN AND THE MOON By Matthew Goodman In 1835 New York City, the fledging upstart paper, THE SUN, ran a series of articles that convinced its readers that the moon was inhabited. Everyone from Edgar Allen Poe to P.T. Barnum was wrapped up in this larger-than-life drama of its day. Just goes to show you how little things have changed and how media today can still convince people of things rather easily. 3) BORN DIGITAL- Understanding the First Generation of Digital Natives By John Palfrey & Urs Gasser The next time your mom or dad come home from work complaining that the “kids” at work are trying to “change things too fast”, shove this book in front of their face and tell them to hop aboard the speed train to the end of the first decade of the 21st Century anytime they want to. Not only are we making things easier for ourselves, thanks to technology, but the babies being born today are going to use their brains differently than the generations before them and that’s going to change everything. 4) THE TEN-CENT PLAGUE- The Great Comic Book Scare and How It Changed America By David Hajdu In the years after World War II and the dawning of television in the mid-1950’s, the comic book was THE American past-time for teenagers. Unfortunately, these little books ended up threatening all that was moral and right in America and within no time, church groups, community watch-dogs and McCarthy-era politicians were running around trying to get them banned and burned across the country. Some things never change. 5) TRADING SHADOWS FOR SUNSHINE By Eric Victorino

keith buckley every time i die - finale - singer - actually graduated college and can use punctuation and syntax correctly - funnier than you - amazing writer - on my list of dudes to collaborate with before one of us dies
top 5 things that are currently on my mind that may or may not have anything in common (my mind being in my head which is at a specific location on a certain day in the year 2008)
1. kanye west in no way shape or form should maintain any credentials of being a live performer after appearing on saturday night live a few weeks ago. seriously dude? you had the help of a vocoder on certain parts and you were STILL off key? can that really happen? didnt he forget the lyrics the first time he was on and then bust into some really awful freestyle rap top cover his ass? i love when dudes realize theyre bombing so they just get aggressive and start moshing or whatever the fuck you want to call what he was doing. he looked like he was dangling from strings and some guy who wasnt really paying attention was moving him back and forth across stage. watch emmitt otters jugband christmas when emmitt and his buddy are walking down by the lake on their way to fix a fence and then think of kanye dancing and its the same thing. if your ego is as big as his, youd better have the talent to match. 2. i fucking hate 99% of standup comedians. especially the ones that are on vh1 commenting on things. most of the time what they are saying doesnt even qualify as a joke. it is simply a statement conveying that they have an overwhelming grasp on the obvious. like everything i just wrote. i didnt write it to be funny because it is not. it is a FACT. yet odds are 10:1 that margaret cho would read it and put it in her act and a bunch of assholes would laugh out loud 3. speaking of laughing out loud, that stupid commercial where the thumbs have faces on them and they are saying what they are texting. everything about that commercial is fucking awful, from the visuals, to the dialogue, to the concept. first off, the very question of “how would YOU say “lol” ” is a redundancy that should not have been as overlooked as it has by whomever greenlighted that commercial. we say LOL because we dont WANT to say anything longer. we are fucking lazy and the fact that LOL is now a part of the english vernacular is all the proof you need of that. so no, i would not say LOL with a 12 word phrase when i could simply say LOL. secondly, i hate when marketing people think its ironic or funny to have a nerdy white guy in glasses say the word “dawg”. its not. it is validating that you are as oblivious as the person you’re trying to make seem oblivious. except hes imaginary and you are a deuchbag. and thirdly, if any one of my friends were to EVER text me. “shake your funny maker” in response to me sending a funny text, i would go to their house and shit on their bed. 4. david foster wallace was one of the greatest writers of our generation. maybe of any generation. unfortunately i didnt realize that when he was alive. he was to subjectivity what einstein was to relativity. read the girl with curious hair. please. 5. on november 4th, i was proud of america for the first time in 29 years.

john mayer guitarist (like that should be in all capitals) - just when you think youre in the game with him he laps you - one of my go to guys to learn about music or life - watch collector - ps you dont want to think hes that funny in real life but he is even funnier
5. Apple TV and group youtubing 4. E-Flite mCX Remote Control Helicopters 3. Kings of Leon - Only By The Night 2. Wireless internet on airplanes 1. President-Elect Barack Obama

Nicholas Scimeca - we cant stop drinking - graphic/web/idea designer - drummer - the party never starts until he shows up
BEST OF 2008 Obama Lil Wayne - Tha Carter III Opening Ceremony of the Olympics Kanye’s singing voice Meeting new people. WORST OF 2008 Sarah Palin 90% of the music that came out. Everyone’s addiction to Kanye’s singing voice How unhealthy owning a bar is.

maura johnston - editor and writer - proves that you can have both a brain and a conscience and still run a music blog
very subjective top five as of this moment (slight variations could occur between now and year’s end, when i try to put these things on lock)
1. prince at coachella / jarvis cocker at pitchfork fest or, ‘watching the masters at the top of their game.’ (i tried to pick just one, but i couldn’t, because they were really both sides of the same coin. prince covered radiohead! jarvis read from wikipedia!) 2. the pork buns at momofuku, new york, ny their concord grape soft-serve ice cream can be substituted for those vegetarians in the audience. 3. ida maria, ‘oh my god’ my favorite song from march to now. 4. the oh-so-scrappy tampa bay rays making it all the way to the world series so sweet, it almost made up for the mets’ collapse. (almost.) 5. the ‘pineapple express’-assisted rise of ‘paper planes’ one thousand percent deserved.

88 keys mc - dropper of knowledge- always solid, you could build house on his verses - said i could call my son “boogie down” - “stay up”
top 5 ways to start unintentional arguments with your mate (hey british folks, this means wifey)
1. Change your MySpace password when it gets phished. *note - The “Well, you shouldn’t have been lookin’ through my shit” doesn’t hold court here. (“Thanks” Tom!) 2. Be a proud owner of a 3G iPhone then go out partying WITHOUT taking your wall charger. *note - To all iPhone users you KNOW you only get about 27 minutes of usage on a full charge. (If you & your mate have downloaded the Loopt application then you’re DEFINITELY fucked). 3. Truthfully answer the following question while watching Rock of Love Charm School, despite the tone of disgust, when asked: “You don’t think any of these nasty girls look GOOD on here do you?” *note - Truth be told, Kristy Joe & Destiny could get it… but I’m just sayin’. (Oh now I have low class?) 4. Think that it’s okay to compare your mate to your friends… Especially after THEY make the same comparison: i.e. Her - “You chat online with M.C. Joe Schmoe about beats more than you talk to me!” You - “But I talk to ALL of my industry friends about beats!?!??” Her - “But I’M NOT ONE OF YOUR LIL’ INDUSTRY FRIENDS… I AM YOUR WIFE!” *note - Please refer back to Eddie Murphy’s “Jedi Mindtrick” segment from his classic movie Raw. (Can we PLEASE get R rated Eddie Murphy back)? 5. Decide to one day NOT shower in your master bathroom but rather in the guest bathroom because then the jig is up. *note - Who CARES if the guest bathroom is way cleaner @ the time & has better water pressure? (Cue in Riskay’s ‘hit single’ here *blah*).

perez hilton - owner of website and emerging empire - calls him like he sees them though id guess that a bit of it is like me. when you are picked on alot in highschool its fun to get revenge - shock - love to hate - hate to love
Top 5 Breakout Artists Of The Year: Alphabeat Katy Perry Lady Gaga Ladyhawke Roisin Murphy Top 5 Artists Of The Year That Need To Be Locked Up: All the Kardashians Aubrey O’Day Jessica Simpson Miley Cyrus Paris’ pink Bentley

jensen karp owner of gallery1988 - hk - ceo of pete wentz ideas west coast chapter - knows too much about bad hip hop
Top 5 Reasons Rhianna Sells That Many Records, But Is Still Broke In 2008 1. When Def Jam told her, “We buy all your cds in the first week, so don’t worry about Soundscan,” she took the “we” to also mean her. 2. She’s managed by Jerry Heller, Lou Pearlman and Chicago’s Governer. 3. She gives 15 percent to Mya for ruining her life. 4. Uninformed and misguided, she invested her entire savings on infomercial favorite, The Ped Egg. 5. She bought Memphis Bleek his island.

patrick stump fall out boy - singer - producer - bff - enough said i could talk about him forever
Five Thing’s I Liked About 2008 (in no order)(and some of them are bigger than others): 1. Janelle Monae’s record Metropolis came out and totally kicked ass. 2. I was introduced to the work of modern artist Tauba Auerbach. Again like Janelle Monae, kick ass. 3. Barack Obama was elected President of the United States of America. Sarah Palin can go back to shooting wolves from a helicoptor. 4. The dawn of the Simpson/Wentz family was pretty awesome. Both the wedding and the birth of Bronx were amazing and made me very happy. I can’t wait for him to be older so I can be the uncool uncle that doesn’t let him play with my drumset. 5. Hollywood made some great movies. Actually, I thought they outdid a lot of indies this year. The Dark Knight (while not perfect) was only as imprefect as some of film history’s best movies. Tropic Thunder was so incredibly funny and brilliant. Iron Man=best Marvel movie.

james montgomery journalist (dont call me a blogger) for mtv news - the only panelist with balls on fnmtv - has a cocktail knowledge of rock music that is game show worthy - chill dude to just hang with
My Top Five Reactions To Kid Rock’s “All Summer Long:
1) Kid Rock is dumb enough to think that “mash ups” are still cool. 2) Kid Rock is a genius. 3) Popular music is offically bereft of new ideas, and rather depressingly so. 4) WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! 5) Now I understand what the inside of George W. Bush’s head sounds like.

deadxstop deadxstop publishing - writer- speaker - sometimes hair stylist - bass humper in arma angelus - a good old soul
1. bloc party - flux listen to this song in the car by yourself and tell me you dont wish you had glow sticks and a dude to make out with. try it. 2. call of duty - world at war (xbox360) i play this game more than i masturbate. 3. the fall out boys continuing their streak of never writing a bad song. ever. name three bands that can say this. you cant. 4. religilous the biggest middle finger of a movie all year. brilliant. 5. the last show of 2*sweet. 6. wall-e its is legal for a grown-ass man to have a crush on an animated robot? 7. hot dougs hot dogs. chicagos real deal. f pinks or any other blasphemous bologna dogs that require ketchup. 8. henry rollins - spoken word this dude could stand on a stage for three hours and talk about taking a hot, wet dump and you could still learn something about the world.

todd james reas - artist - graphics that turn the world inside out on itself
MGMT Obama winning My show Blood & Treasure in London this youtube clip Call of Duty 4 for xbox live

ashlee simpson-wentz singer - actor - babymama “youre the boss, applesauce” - better half
5.Watching wizard of oz for the first time (I was really missing out) there’s no place like home 4.Sprinkles 3.Going to shows with baby b in my belly and feeling him hear music for the first time (fob, john mayer, kanye, panic, cobra, lollapalooza, n.e.r.d) 2.Getting married to the perfect one for me (nemo nisi mors) 1.Bronx (the making of him, the pregnancy, delivery, and now getting to love on him and watch him grow everyday). It really doesn’t get better! This was by far the best year of my life..

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